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About Me


I am a former singing artist with an M.M. in Opera Performance from the University of Michigan, wife to my best friend and biggest fan, and mother of 3 amazing young women.  I taught voice lessons and performance as well as was a professional performer for over 25 years. 


My singing career was cut short when I found myself bed-ridden for all but a few hours a day for much of a 5 year period with fibromyalgia.  During this time, my family struggled with many issues including the normal challenges of having a parent unable to function on all cylinders as well as issues with a child mistreated by a teacher on a deep level that spun her into years of depression, migraines, and falling behind in school.  This was compounded by a hormonal imbalance, ADD, and Cyclothymic Disorder. 


This time affected the entire family forcing my husband to be both mom and dad many days, for one daughter to work tirelessly to make up for what I couldn't do, trying hard to take over for mom and for my other daughter to feel it was her job to keep us smiling and entertained.  All children paid a heavy price for a time that was out of our hands.  That said, as we have healed and learned to move forward, we have grown to understand that the power of God is truly unlimited. 

As we recovered to a more "normal" family life, I prayed that God would lead me to a place where I could use all that I have been and all that my family had been through to bring Glory to Him and to bless others.  After years of waiting and focusing on healing my family, I finally heard a loud and clear "go" from the Lord.  I immediately dove into the opportunity to take the Biblical Parenting Classes through the National Center for Biblical Parenting.  Not only did I learn sound biblical principles that are easily applied to family life and parenting but I learned that all my experiences and all we had struggled with give me a unique perspective and understanding of what others are going through. 

I understand on a deep level what it is to try and parent when you can barely get up in the morning.  I understand the fuzzy lines of parenting when you're not sure how much of what your child is struggling with is or is not in their control and I understand trying to make sure that your other children are getting enough attention when one requires a larger portion. 

I understand the struggle of trusting God when life seems out of control and he feels far away but I also understand the indescribable victory at the end of a dark time when you manage to cling to and trust in Him alone. 

Let me help you on your unique parenting journey.  God will lead us together to find the answers you are aching for.  No problem is too big and no issue is too small for the God of the universe!


Matt 11: 28-30  "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

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