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Available Services

I am a certified Biblical Parenting Coach through the National Center for Biblical Parenting. This is not therapy but coaching using biblical insights and ideas. I will work in 8-week cycles with you on a specific problem (in-person, phone or zoom options available) but the tools you gain will be useful for anything else that comes your way. The charge for these 8 weeks includes an hour weekly of one-on-one time of learning and strategic planning as well as full-time support daily for whatever you need as you implement your plan.  My specialties are teens, chronic and mental illness within a family, and ADD/ADHD through all ages and stages are welcome.  Please feel free to pass on my information to anyone you think could benefit. Thank you!!

Introductory Session $50 (45 min.) In this meeting, we can discuss your concerns in depth.  I would then lay out for you how I would approach them in an 8-week session.  You could then assess if I am the right coach for you and if this is the right program for you. 

8 Week Coaching   $300 plus $50 to join (this membership gives you lifetime access to everything that the website makes available at a discount from the regular $199 fee)


Parenting Coaching


Monthly On-call Coaching

If all you want is as-needed help, this option is for you!  For a monthly fee, you can access me on-call between 8 am and 8 pm 6 days a week for up to 4 hours total a week.  Extra time or off-hours time available for an extra fee if needed.  This is non-structured time available when you need it most.  The Monthly on-call option is great if all you need is extra support and ideas in those "dramatic" moments. 

This option is available at $75 a month.  Extra time or off-hours is $50 an hour.

I am available to speak at churches, small groups, bible studies, community groups or schools. 


Pricing for speaking engagements is negotiable depending on length of engagement, how far away the location is and how large the event is.  Zoom meetings are also an option.  Please contact me for details. I am willing to work with any budget.

Public Speaking

Teaching Series

I offer custom classes.  These can be as little as 2 sessions or as many as you need.  Subjects can be from any custom mix of the ideas below. 

Pricing for classes is negotiable.  Please contact me for details.

This is a partial list of topics I can speak on.  If you don't find what you're looking for, talk to me and we will find something that fits your needs.  Longer engagements and classes may combine topics.


"What is Biblical Parenting"

"Steps to Changing your Child's Heart"

"Passing on Faith to your Child/Teen"

"An Instructional Routine - what it is and why it works"

"Utilizing a 'Break' and 'Positive Conclusion' in your Family Life",

"How to Build Internal Motivation in your Child"

"Moving your Child from Compliance to Cooperation to Obligation"

"Stopping Whining and Complaining in your Child"

"Helping your Teen Move Beyond their Bad Attitude"

"Internal Dialogue and a Foundation for Right Thinking"

"A Parent's Toolbox: effective uses of correction and consequences"

"The Heart of a Child"

"The Heart of a Teen - avoiding rebellion"

"Effective Family Time"

"Relationship: the key to family peace"

"Erasing Sibling Conflict from Your To-do List"

"Children and Emotions"

"Your Child and Integrity" 

"Overview of effective Parenting". 

Topic Ideas

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