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But What is Biblical Parenting??

Biblical Parenting is parenting from a heart perspective instead of a behavior modification one. With behavior modification, we can change a specific behavior through fear of punishment or with bribery. When we parent the heart, it not only addresses the issue we are working on but, through character building, creates a calmer home life and stronger relationship with our child. This results in a deeper connection to both family and God.


Children who feel connected to their family and secure in what is expected from their parents have a desire to do what’s right in all areas of their life and parents feel confident with specific tools to build this character in their children. Children then are able to take these tools and a firm understanding of how God guides us in life into adulthood and into their own families.


1 Sam 16:7 says…."man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart." 


A heart-based approach examines a child’s behavior to gain insight on their character, tendencies, and beliefs. We use this information to teach children to develop an internal motivation to obey, not because they will be rewarded, but rather because their conscience tells them that it’s right. Addressing the heart will get to the root of the problems, and by God’s grace and much prayer, change the heart of a child.

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