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Image by Joshua Bartell

Success Stories

"Lisa is an incredibly caring and compassionate coach who worked along side of me to bring out the best traits in my child. She treats you like a member of her family and guides with love through God’s word. I am so grateful for the time and dedication Lisa put forth with my family. She was always available to provide comforting words of encouragement."

J. Dungan

"I’m forever thankful to Lisa and her insight on teens. I reached to her discouraged, truly exhausted. Lisa helped me understand how my boy works in ways I did not yet know. Lisa helped me seek to have a better relationship and not just be a mad parent.  She kindly and in love told me it starts with me. In moments of despair, she was there and stood with me praying and finding a way to get to my son’s heart. This work isn’t over yet, it sure is hard, but what I learned with Lisa will be forever etched with me." ~mom x4

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